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Short Story on a (fictional) visiting student to ALCNYC.

“Oh my god!” I heard Askani cheerfully yell from the library
I didn’t think much of what was going on at first, as I was used to Askani yelling that kind of thing, but my curiosity piqued when I heard what I did from the Library next.
“Tell me how you did it, please,” said Douglas, muffled lightly by the Library’s door.
“Douglas the Trickster asking how something is done? I have to see this – whatever ‘this’ is,” I snarkily said to the others sitting in the office as I got up from my chair.
As I walk towards the Library door, it shoots open and nearly hits me. Lightly stunned at what just happened, I feel a suspiciously unnatural cool breeze come from the Library.

I take a peek inside the library, and I see our new student – who I hadn’t met before now – standing behind the main couch smiling gleefully as 4 small children surround her with intrigue.
I figure this’d be as good of a time as any to introduce myself, so I make my greeting.

“Hi! I’m Javair, what’s your name?” I ask walking towards her.
“I’m Scarlet-“, she gets cut off by Askani.
“Huh?” I look towards Scarlet with intrigue, to which she smiles and replies “Watch this.”

She focuses on a black Go stone on the table, closes her eyes, and puts her hand out. I’m there trying not to giggle at the theatric and dramatic psychic motions.
I look back over to the Go stone, and it’s floating off the table.

“WHAT?!” I blurt out.
She drops the psychic act, and the Go stone with it.
“She has ‘telekinesis’.” Douglas says. I could just taste the skepticism between his voice and his smile.
“It’s true! She really does!” Sterling excitedly says.
Me being slightly skeptical myself, I walk over to inspect the Go stone. As I go to pick it up, it swipes to the left swiftly – before I can even make contact with it.
Everyone laughs as I stare–beyond confused–at where the stone used to be.

I look over to Scarlet, and ask “How are you doing this?!”
“I really do have telekinesis. It’s not a trick. Pick up the stone, I won’t mess with you this time. There’s no string, no sneaky system under the table, nothing but a normal stone.”
I hover my hand above the stone, look at her as to say ‘Don’t move the stone on me this time’, she nods while trying to hold back a smile.
I move my hand down slowly, and suddenly a white Go stone shoots down, knocking the black Go stone out from where it was, and the white stone stops dead in it’s tracks.
Once again, everyone breaks out laughing as I am left shocked and confused. I would’ve been annoyed, but this intrigued me too much for that.
I gain back my consciousness and very quickly pick up both Go stones to investigate.
While I’m inspecting both the Go stones – finding nothing, mind you – Douglas comes up to me and quietly says, “I looked myself and couldn’t find anything. How do you think it’s done?”
I honestly didn’t know myself, as I had never seen anything like this, and couldn’t even begin to try to rationalize what I saw, especially after seeing and feeling nothing strange about the Go stones.
“Open your hand” Scarlet said behind me.
I did as she said, with the black Go stone in the palm of my opened hand, and I soon felt a tingle coming from the Go stone.
“Pull your hand straight down, slowly.”
So I did.
The Go stone was suspended where my hand had opened.
The Library fell to a deep silence, all of us in shock, except for Scarlet. She was just standing there, amused at our reactions, and staring at the Go stone.
“Now tell me, how could I do it without actually being telekinetic?” she asked.
I had no answer, nor did anyone else. We all stayed in the silence, when the Go stone dropped.
“Believe me now?”
A mixture of different ways of saying “Yes” was said around the room. From all but Douglas, still believing it’s a trick.

“Well, Go stones are nice simple objects to show off, but can you do it with something like…” I pause to look around the room, in which I see a small relatively light box, but certainly heavier than a Go stone.
I pick it up, and flourish it in to Scarlet’s view and finish my sentence with “…this?”, I then throw it up into the air, where it stops dead, and slowly comes down and gently lands on my head perfectly balanced.
In annoyance at the humiliation, I swung my hand above my head to hit the box off, and it was like whacking a solid wall of concrete. It didn’t budge, and my hand hurt really badly and turned red. The box falls off my head, but there’s a loud thump that I hear before the box had touched the ground. Much louder than the box could’ve even made at all.

I look over to see four kids surrounding someone laid on the ground, with fittingly red hair laid out across the ground. It was Scarlet. Whatever I did, it must’ve messed up whatever she was doing. It was at this moment I totally believed what she was doing was real, and that I may have just hurt her by thinking I could interfere with whatever it was. I guess our minds – with whatever secret abilities lie in them as possibilities – are just really sensitive. She was taken to the hospital, and we never heard from her again, despite all the contact attempts we made after.
Scarlet I wonder about a lot, whether she ever continued using telekinesis, or if it was just one incredible trick, and the hospital act was a part of it. Whatever it was, it was an eye-opener of an experience.


  1. Ann says:

    Javair, I loved reading your story! I was so intrigued the entire time. I really liked the end when you talk about our minds having so much potential. Great post.
    (Ann,Triskele Rivers ALC, Hood River, Oregon)

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