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Highlights of my week.

I started off the week with some KhanAcademy with the revived Math Club. Hadn’t worked on my math skills in ages, so it was a nice reintroduction to Math.

After years of programming, I had found the actual mathematics weren’t very difficult to comprehend. I just wasn’t very good at the mental calculation.

After which, I had spent a little time listening to an audiobook called ‘The Martian’ which so far is a great book written by Andy Weir, narrated by R. C. Bray, a really good voice actor from what I can tell. The book, in very quick summary, is about a botanist astronaut who is presumed dead during a mission abort, and is left alone on Mars, in which after he has to MacGyver a bunch in order to stay alive to hopefully come back home. I had listened to it quite a bit through out the week.

We played Werewolves, in which I was a fortune teller, and was immediately lynched by the town because I called out a werewolf. :/ Town still won though, so that was good. Albeit, it was just @timotree, the Sheriff, left at the end.

Had our first ‘Coup’ and ‘Bang!’ game sessions in the school year.

We ended the week with cooking a pizza, which tasted great, and looked beautiful.

And not long after I finished eating, I got to have a relaxing walk and talk with Abby.


And now I’m blogging. Huh.

That was my school week in a nutshell.

Ta-ra for now, Javair.

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