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Introverted Problems

I have a problem with this blog, I don’t know what to write on it. It’s not the blog’s fault, it’s my own. I’m not a fan of writing, or even talking about the things happening in my life.

Not for the reason that I’m uncomfortable with talking about them, but it’s the fact I find it incredibly dull, and I want to write these blog posts as if someone is actually going to read it, not because they have to, but because they enjoy the content, and I imagine a reader who would enjoy the content would be someone who has the same interests as me. Therefore, if I find my blog post incredibly dull, surely they would think the same.

As I had explained to @abbyo earlier today, I find it difficult to talk about things if I don’t see an end goal in the conversation.

I’m a quiet person. You’d probably know this already if you’ve been around me enough. I’m learning now that I have an exception to this quietness. This exception is when there is something to learn about, or teach.

That is when I can go on a 800+ word rant.
I enjoy knowledge, and want to know as much as I can share.

I write my blog posts as a blind letter. A letter to be sent to an unknown recipient.

It’s just what I do, and I wouldn’t know how to be me if not for that.

– Javair


  1. Drew says:

    I found myself in the same boat just a few years ago. I didn’t think that the things I was writing about were all that interesting and didn’t think anyone would be interested in reading them.

    As I’ve begun to blog more I’ve found a few great uses for blog posts.

    1. Blog posts are great for personal reflection.

    Now that I have a decent body of posts going back a few years I find myself reviewing old posts more and more. Often it’s just a nice reminder of things that I’ve done. When ever I feel like I don’t do much with my life I can now look back and see that in fact I have done quite a bit. It also helps me remember what I was doing at some point in the past. So in that way the blog is like a personal journal that shows my journey through life. I can read old posts about random thoughts I had and see how my feelings have evolved over time.

    2. Blog posts as a tool to not repeat myself.

    As I travel I find myself having the same conversation over and over again. An old friend will message me and ask “so what are you up to?” I would type out basically the same thing to this question, over and over. Now that I blog about what I’m doing I can just point them there and they can learn as much (or little) about my current situation and how I got to this point.

    I also find it very useful for teaching people and sharing my knowledge. I wrote a post about password management which I find myself sharing quite a bit every time a person, knowing that I am a “subject matter expert”, asks me about how I manage my passwords. I don’t have to recount the same information to them, I can just say “look at this post”.

    3. Writing is a good way to create document knowledge.

    In my line of work as a programmer and designer no one cares what grades I got or where I went to school, they simply want to see that I know what I say I know. Blogs provide a perfect means to prove knowledge. I have a category called “work” on one of my blogs: http://blog.dhornbein.com/category/work/

    You can see a list of all the things I’ve done, projects I’ve completed by looking through this list. With a little planning you can tag and categorize your posts in a way that creates bodies of work. For instance you can search my tag “drawing” and find all my illustration work: http://blog.dhornbein.com/tag/drawing/

    This allows me to share automatically generated lists of posts for specific subjects that a client or collaborator might want to see. With the “drawing” tag I can now share all the drawing work I’ve done with someone I’d like to do drawings for.

    You should also remember that with online posts we can use all kinds of rich media. For instance WordPress will automatically take Twitter URLs (set on their own line) and expand them into twitter cards, like so (maybe it doesn’t work in comments…):


    So it’s very easy to put up a YouTube video or Soundcloud recording or Instagram post and plug it directly into your post.

    Sometimes I like to take a bunch of pictures and just make photo essays, like this one about permaculture

    I think that first a blog is for you, then it is for the wider community. It’s impossible to tell what people will find interesting so don’t worry about the people reading it, just make sure what you write is interesting to you.

  2. NancyT says:

    *Twinkles* to @drew ‘s final words “don’t worry about the people reading it, just makes ure what you write is interesting to you.”

    However, I must say, that just reading your thought process of thinking about writing blog posts is interesting to me. I appreciate that you put forth the effort to let us tap into the mind of an ALC student through your writing.

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