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Totally Professional Interview of Abigail Oulton

Left this as a draft for far too long, since 2/14/15. It’s in a suitable enough state to post it, so here you go.

Who are you?

Nature, People, and Adventure loving. A bundle of animated carbon and water, possibly stardust, and a bit of folk tails.

I’ve heard you’re emotionally manipulative, what’s an example of that?

“People say that around here, about me. The manipulative thing is more like, I know how to propose field trips, and to announce it properly to excite people. I’ve found if I’m more honest, it’s more funny, or more interesting. I listen between things people say, and pay attention to their body language and patterns I see in their choices. This lets me reflect them, to themselves, or propose projects and ideas that they would grow from or be interested in, in ways they pay attention to. I’m usually a pretty good judge about that kind of stuff.”

How were your past 2 weeks?

“My [previous week] was busy, and juicy. Cloudhouse had visited, and me, Bear, Milo, Becca, and Javair went to see a comedy show at Citizens Brigade. This, after I was emotionally manipulative, wrote down an address to find a place that I knew they would fall in love with once they got there. Becca is one of our [many] visitors this week. she’s an anthropology student, who also improvs well, asks good questions, taught capoeira. Hannah, our new intern, started this week, and it’s a visiting week, so we had 2 prospective students hangin’ out.”

“This week was fantastic. I was in a beautiful place I love with people I really love, doing things like sledding, and cooking, and lying around having/listening to juicy conversations.”

What do you love about yourself?
“I have a gift for finding and befriending extraordinary people. I also decided when I was 13 that I would attempt to learn anything anyone offered to teach me, and so I’ve learned some really cool things. I don’t know what it is, but I love that there’s something about me that seems to make people comfortable when around me.”

What are some of those ‘really cool things’ you spoke of?
“Well, I can make a bridal out of a piece of rope, I can gallop comfortably on an antique Russian saddle, I was a professional gift-wrapper, I’ve been rappelling, I can dress a deer. I also recently learned how to do headstands properly thanks to @shadowjack.”

Favourite genre of various things?
“Things that I can learn from, and make niftier things with, or amuse other people with.”

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